• ECO-ZET, zetfol


Pre-stretch ECO-ZET film of Polish producer Zetfol is one of the most economical stretch films for both hand and machine wrapping.
- The film adheres tightly to the load
- The film does not need much strength during wrapping
- The pallet is very stable during transportation

Type-STANDARD Weight Core diameterØ Width Thickness Number of rolls per pallet Pallet weight
ECO-ZET 600-900mm 50mm 430mm 8-10μ 216pcs. 430kg

ECO-ZET film:

Weight: 1.5-3kg

Core diameter: 50-76mm

Thickness: 8-10 micron.



In order to purchase stretch film or to conduct tests, please contact us:

Tests & Orders: +48/56/6548382, mailbox: zetfol@zetfol.pl or marketing@zetfol.pl

Pre-stretch ECO-ZET film colors:

Transparent Black White Blue Green

ECO-ZET film application
- pallets with beverages
- pallets with food packaging
- pallets with frozen products
- pallets with tinned products

- pallets with bags of forage,flour,sugar…
- pallets with building materials
- pallets with boards for furniture industry
- pallets for miscellaneous products

ECO-ZET= Savings

- packaging cost reduction by 20-40%

- work-time reduction by 20%

- Wrapping machine is used more effectively

- Less frequency of roll replacement

ECO-ZET= Environment

- Eco-friendly

- Waste reduction by 50%

- The film can be recycled into many useful products

- Eco–Zet scheme – STOP – DON’T THROW AWAY!!! Our film is 100% recyclable.